Artificial Intelligence Mermaid Gown

Have you heard of AI rendered art? Art created in an app through prompts. It is mind blowing what people are creating.

I have been playing around with Midjourney and it is HIGHLY addictive for those that love to create! It is also controversial but technology is not going away.

My daughter let me experiment on her and I taught myself how to apply makeup in photoshop! No need to apply mascara or false lashes in real time because there are photoshop brushes for that! Like who knew?!

I took several images of my daughter with her arms in various positions but for some reason my favorite out of all the ones we took was my "test shot". She was adjusting her hair and it's my favorite even though I had a different vision for this when we started.

The hardest part for this composite was choosing a gown from Tara Mapes. She has a collection of over 100 gowns! I purchased the AI background here: AI Gown

composite photoshop ai mid journey portrait photography

Composite Assets

Sharing the assets I used to create this composite because I absolutely love seeing "behind the scenes".

I now have 3 composites under by belt and I am obsessed. Can't stop, won't stop. Ha!