Cactus House Photoshop Composite

Cactus House Photoshop Composite

I recently joined The Life Of Aivax community to learn photoshop magic. Many, many hours went into this composite! I wanted to pull my hair out during the process because this is all new to me. I am fairly comfortable with head swaps, I do them all the time! But this type of compositing is on a whole new level for me.

I have learned so much from Vanessa's tutorial and so glad I stumbled upon her community! I'm going to continue to follow along with more of her tutorials and eventually create my own storytelling images from scratch.

You can check out Vanessa's beautiful storytelling work here and to get an idea of what was involved with this composite check out her YouTube video here.

The stars of the show...My own children

I have to laugh because while I was taking my son's picture he asked if I would be able to photoshop him some abs. We barely see his stomach so I told him we'll have to save him some abs for another image. Ha! My toddler was not having it so of course his image is a head swap.

Photoshop Details

The wood sign on the cactus was hand drawn as well as the hammock strings, clothes line, pins, cactus spines and some of my daughter's hair. Majority of the assets you need to complete the composite come with the tutorial. I ended up downloading the ostrich, water, towel, sock, cowboy hat, and boot from shutter stock and taking my own image of the overalls.

Already planning for our next adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!